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With 35 years in Sales and lettings & 16 years in training and consultancy, Carrfield are regularly assisting property professionals throughout the UK

Our courses cover the following subjects: –

  • An introduction to Letting (In house day course) This course will take those staff new to the lettings industry through the whole process from getting the correct permissions right up to the final check out. If you are running your own in house apprenticeship program this is a great starter course.
  • Advanced Letting (In house day course) Taking all your staff deeper into the heart of letting, giving an update on all changes or forthcoming changes in legislation & keeping you ahead of the competition. This course is a great refresher for existing staff as well as a lead on for those who have participated in the introduction course.
  • An introduction to Sales (In house day course) Finding a course that gives those new to the Sale of Residential Property a good overall insight into what is expected from the appraisal to exchange of contracts. We believe that this course gives confidence to new staff which in turn can generate new business.
  • Advanced Sales (in house day course) Advancing your staff knowledge in the Sale of Residential Property, giving an update on all changes or forthcoming changes in legislation & keeping you ahead of the game and the competition.
  • An Introduction to Block Management (In house day course) Have you ever been put in the position where your client has bought a flat along with the freehold made up of Residential, sold off on long leases. Your role of letting agent has now changed to running the communal areas and structure. This course gives you a good understanding of the whole process, from budget generation to Section 20 consultation. A good overview to get you started in freehold and leasehold Management.
  • An Introduction to Commercial Property (In house day Course) So, you know residential property, then why not look to expand the business further by moving into the commercial market, many investor landlords are moving into this type of investment. This course will take you from meeting the client to the signing of the lease.
  • Creating your own inventories in house (In house day course) With the banning of tenant’s fees, businesses must consider how to create revenue elsewhere by bringing work back in house. This course shows you how you can create both written and photographic inventories.
  • Level 3 Technical Award Revision (in house day course) We come  to your offices and revise your staff in readiness for them to take their exams. Lots of tests and lots of questions.
  • Compliance checking (in house) Trading Standards consider letting agents as “part of the supply chain”, the Lyttons v Oxford TSO case is a great example of this and cost the agent £3,300 for advising their client incorrectly. Are you up to speed with current legislation? We will come to your office and go through your systems and paperwork, we may spot something that could save you thousands. The time we spend in your offices depends on the size of the agency.
  • Email advice line Sometimes you don’t always know the answer, but having someone you can email to ask the question is a great tool. You email us and we will respond in the same way.

If you are interested in any of the above courses you can contact us on:

01444 450372 or email enquiries@carrfield.co.uk

There are many more subjects that Carrfield can run courses on and we are always happy to discuss the range of training options available.